Today if we look back and see most of the plant or factories are fighting to upkeep the machines, production cost low and retain the skill with their legacy systems. Earlier, Plant Maintenance was considered as a routine task by adhering to certification standards so that it would get some recognition or qualified to industry standards which is still a must to attain certain degree of quality and perfection.

Innovation and adopting newer technology is becoming a necessity to gear up for up-keeping the machine/plant environment to be active, safe and competitive. Technology is enabling legacy or standard checklist to scale up to online or real time information be it specific to the machine or complete plant environment.

With the legacy system having challenge in scaling up to current technological platform there are two ways to go about either get away with the asset (which becomes a challenge if ROI is not achieved or its depreciated value has become zero) or look for enhancing the capability by incorporating technology.

Artificial Intelligence are being built in and around the machine making it capable to generate a digital data which can further be used to analyse the data to required information. 

This will help top management to take informed decision.


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