IoT - Internet of Things

 IoT projects or solutions can broadly classified into three distinct categories

• IoT endpoints
• IoT platforms
• IoT business solutions

IoT Endpoints:

IoT Endpoints are the devices considered to be real-world objects which could be a combination of hardware & software or independent to hardware or software. These are typically last mile devices through which the data is generated about the things that can be collected, processed, analysed and can be managed locally/remotely. The basic challenge in the IoT endpoints would be thenumber of feature set it can accommodated, its form factor and cost of communication, The chipset used becomes vital in terms of sensing, communicating and processing. One of the main function of the IoT device is also the device management in terms of detecting the change in state and to aggregate and manage.  The feature to be considered in IoT could be like device provisioning, connectivity, control and security.

IoT devices could comprise of wearables, home appliances, machine tools, components used in vehicles, and manageable assets which goes beyond our thinking.

IoT Platform:

In IT world when we talk about platform the immediate word which strikes is Application Software or the OS being used in the solution. There are various software available both open source and licensed which can be used to build the solutions or offer as a platform for the proposed IoT solution. The main function of this being to monitor, manage the IoT endpoints and in line with performing condition based monitoring and achieving predictive analysis used for maintenance. One of the advantage is in providing cloud based services over a distributed architecture.

We provide seamless integration between the IoT endpoint and the Application software through API’s /middleware. We offer a distributed architecture with multiple gateways be it routers, serer or smartphone itself which again managed through the device management software. The IoT endpoint is connected through these IoT gateways or be it private cloud or public cloud.

Few of the initiatives on IoT based solution are

  • Tracking of Asset both moving as well as stationery
  • Virtual Fencing 
  • Track Monitor and alert various performance parameters of Assets 
  • Condition based monitoring for any rotating or static, defects which are trendable or non-trendable devices.
  • Home automation (Lighting control, Appliances control, Access Control, CCTV Surveillance)



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